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Dictionary definition - Culture: The Way of Life for an Entire Society.

Really? Between us, we can discover and challenge what culture means, when it works and when it breaks down.

Let’s explore together the culture of celebrity, coffee shops, crazy politics, and topics yet to be dreamt up.

Journalism is a mess. National and for that matter, local and regional newspapers are broken. Their websites are pumped so full of adverts, advertorials and pop-ups, that they have become unreadable. They need to sell papers and count eyeballs on websites to survive and many look for sensationalism, in particular, concentrating on bad news stories. Even in a good news story, there is the inevitable bad points raised “for balance”.

It’s time to move away from their broken culture, which is why newsletters such as The Culture of Culture are gaining traction across the world with independent journalism, and with your help.

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